论文题目 刊物名称 发表年度
Cytotoxic, Anti-Migration, and Anti-Invasion Activities on Breast Cancer Cells of Angucycline Glycosides Isolated from a Marine-Derived Streptomyces sp Marine drugs 2019
Two New Piperazine-Triones from a Marine-Derived Streptomycetes sp. Strain SMS636 Marine drugs 2019
Two New Spiro-Heterocyclic gamma-Lactams from A Marine-Derived Aspergillus fumigatus Strain CUGBMF170049 Marine drugs 2019
Light chain modulates heavy chain conformation to change protection profile of monoclonal antibodies against influenza A viruses Cell discovery 2019
Genomic and molecular characterisation of Escherichia marmotae from wild rodents in Qinghai-Tibet plateau as a potential pathogen Scientific reports 2019
Chemical synthesis, crystal structure, versatile evaluation of their biological activities and molecular simulations of novel pyrithiobac derivatives European journal of medicinal chemistry 2019
GREACE-assisted adaptive laboratory evolution in endpoint fermentation broth enhances lysine production by Escherichia coli Microbial cell factories 2019
Functional characterization of tryptophan437 at subsite +2 in pullulanase from Bacillus subtilis str. 168 International journal of biological macromolecules 2019
Longitudinal Gut Bacterial Colonization and Its Influencing Factors of Low Birth Weight Infants During the First 3 Months of Life Frontiers in microbiology 2019
Dayarathne Monika C, Maharachchikumbura Sajeewa S N, Jones E B Gareth, Dong Wei, Devadatha Bandarupalli, Yang Jing, Ekanayaka Anusha H, De Silva Wasana, Sarma Vemuri V, Al-Sadi Abdullah M, Khongphinitbunjong Kitiphong, Hyde Kevin D, and Zhao Rui Lin*. Frontiers in microbiology 2019
Functional Involvement of Interferon-Inducible Transmembrane Proteins in Antiviral Immunity Frontiers in microbiology 2019
The Perturbation of Infant Gut Microbiota Caused by Cesarean Delivery Is Partially Restored by Exclusive Breastfeeding Frontiers in microbiology 2019
Cotton WATs Modulate SA Biosynthesis and Local Lignin Deposition Participating in Plant Resistance Against Verticillium dahliae Frontiers in microbiology 2019
Generation of pig induced pluripotent stem cells using an extended pluripotent stem cell culture system Stem cell research & therapy 2019
Upland Soil Cluster Gamma dominates methanotrophic communities in upland grassland soils The Science of the total environment 2019
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