论文题目 刊物名称 发表年度
Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza A (H5N7) Virus Isolated from a Domestic Duck in Dongting Lake Wetland of China, 2016 Virologica Sinica 2019
Acute sporadic hepatitis E in the Zhejiang coastal area of China: a 14-year hospital-based surveillance study Virology journal 2019
Research Progress of Near-Infrared Fluorescence Immunoassay Micromachines 2019
The general transcriptional repressor Tup1 governs filamentous development in Candida tropicalis Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica 2019
Virulence and antifungal susceptibility of microsatellite genotypes of Candida albicans from superficial and deep locations Yeast (Chichester, England) 2019
Characterization of bidirectional gene pairs in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) dataset PeerJ 2019
A Novel Biological Role of alpha-Mangostin via TAK1-NF-kappaB Pathway against Inflammatory Inflammation 2019
Strategy for efficient cloning of biosynthetic gene clusters from fungi Science China. Life sciences 2019
A peptide-based inhibitor of gp96 suppresses HBsAg expression and HBV replication by upregulation of p53 The Journal of general virology 2019
New phthalide derivatives from the Biscogniauxia sp. and their activities Fitoterapia 2019
Slip-driven microfluidic devices for nucleic acid analysis Biomicrofluidics 2019
Down-regulated Treg cells in exacerbated periodontal disease during pregnancy International immunopharmacology 2019
Emergence and adaptation of H3N2 canine influenza virus from avian influenza virus: An overlooked role of dogs in interspecies transmission Transboundary and emerging diseases 2019
Rhinoclactones A-E, Resorcylic Acid Analogs from Desert Plant Endophytic Fungus Rhinocladiella similis Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 2019
Cucurbitacin B inhibits the migration and invasion of breast cancer cells by altering the biomechanical properties of cells Phytotherapy research : PTR 2019
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