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Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for production of L-aspartate and its derivative beta-alanine with high stoichiometric yield Metabolic engineering 2019
Design and development of a "Y-shaped" microbial consortium capable of simultaneously utilizing biomass sugars for efficient production of butanol Metabolic engineering 2019
Naproxen Exhibits Broad Anti-influenza Virus Activity in Mice by Impeding Viral Nucleoprotein Nuclear Export Cell reports 2019
Noc4L-Mediated Ribosome Biogenesis Controls Activation of Regulatory and Conventional T Cells Cell reports 2019
Primed adaptation tolerates extensive structural and size variations of the CRISPR RNA guide in Haloarcula hispanica Nucleic acids research 2019
Phyllosphere epiphytic and endophytic fungal community and network structures differ in a tropical mangrove ecosystem Microbiome 2019
Harnessing diverse transcriptional regulators for natural product discovery in fungi Natural product reports 2019
Live-cell imaging of the cytoskeleton in elongating cotton fibres Nature plants 2019
Production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources using engineered Escherichia coli Biotechnology advances 2019
A Mycobacterium tuberculosis surface protein recruits ubiquitin to trigger host xenophagy Nature communications 2019
Promiscuous enzymatic activity-aided multiple-pathway network design for metabolic flux rearrangement in hydroxytyrosol biosynthesis Nature communications 2019
Structural insight into RNA synthesis by influenza D polymerase Nature microbiology 2019
Phage AcrIIA2 DNA Mimicry: Structural Basis of the CRISPR and Anti-CRISPR Arms Race Molecular cell 2019
Human Neonatal Fc Receptor Is the Cellular Uncoating Receptor for Enterovirus B cell 2019
The FG Loop of PD-1 Serves as a "Hotspot" for Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies in Tumor Immune Checkpoint Therapy iScience 2019
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