论文题目 刊物名称 发表年度
A new species of boletus from Gansu Province, China Mycotaxon 2003
First record of Termitomyces entolomoides in China Mycotaxon 2003
Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) Lichens in China's Mainland Ⅱ The Genus Hypotrachyna Mycotaxon 2003
The lichen family physciaceae(Ascomycota ) in China V. the genus physconia Mycotaxon 2003
The lichen family physciaceae(Ascomycota) in China VI. the genus pyxine Mycotaxon 2003
Parmeliaceae(Ascomycota) Lichens in China's Mainland Mycotaxon 2003
Urocystis sichuanensis sp.nov.(Urocystales) and a urocystis new to China Mycotaxon 2003
New species and new records of bionectriaceae and nectriaceae (hypocreales) from China Mycotaxon 2003
Taxonomic revision of six taxa in the lichen genus collema from China Mycotaxon 2003
A list of discomycetes in China, Supplement Ⅱ Mycotaxon 2003
Re-dispositions of philipsia( Pezizales) collections from China Mycotaxon 2003
A new speciles of lachnum on leaves of livistona and a key to the chinese species of the genus Mycotaxon 2003
Some new species and new records of discomycetes in China Mycotaxon 2003
Tricholomazangll, a new name for T. Quercicola M. ZHANG (Basidiomycetes:tricholomataceae) Mycotaxon 2003
Structure expression pattern and chromosomal localization of the rice Osgrp-2 gene 中国科学 ( C ) 辑 2003
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