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The systematic position of Gymnoderma and Cetradonia based on SSU nrDNA sequences. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory. 2006
Transgenic cotton, expressing Amaranthus caudatus agglutinin, confers enhanced resistance to aphids. Plant Breeding. 2006
Two new species of Xenosporium (Hyphomycetes) lacking of secondary conidia. Nova Hedwigia 2006
Overlooked taxa of Stereocaulon (Stereocaulaceae, Lecanorales) in China . Nova Hedwigia. 2006
Octosporella fusisipora sp.nov. (Pezizales), with a key to the species of the genus. Nova Hedwigia. 2006
A new species of Geopyxis with ornamented ascospores from China . Nova Hedwigia. 2006
Regulation of microRNA on plant development and viral infection. Chinese Science Bulletin. 2006
Genetic diversity in accessions of wild rice Oryza granulata from South and Southeast Asia. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. 2006
A new species of Exobasidium (Exobasidiales) on Rhododendron from China. Mycotaxon. 2006
A new species of Phyllachora (Phyllachorales)on Leguminosae from China . Mycotaxon. 2006
Three new Chinese records of Phyllachora (Phyllachorales). Mycotaxon. 2006
A new species and a new Chinese record of Exobasidium (Exobasidiales) from China . Mycotaxon. 2006
Urocystis chifengensis sp. nov. (Urocystaceae) from China . Mycotaxon 2006
A new generic approach to the taxonomy of predatory anamorphic Orbiliaceae (Ascomycotina). Mycotaxon 2006
Revision of Termitomyces species originally described from China. Mycotaxon 2006
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