论文题目 刊物名称 发表年度
Proteolysis of histidine kinase VgrS inhibits its autophosphorylation and promotes osmostress resistance in Xanthomonas campestris Nat Commun 2018
The global catalogue of microorganisms 10K type strain sequencing project: closing the genomic gaps for the validly published prokaryotic and fungi species Gigascience 2018
Trans-Kingdom RNA Silencing in Plant-Fungal Pathogen Interactions Mol Plant 2018
Silencing SOCS3 Markedly Deteriorates Spondyloarthritis in Mice Induced by Minicircle DNA Expressing IL23 Frontiers in Immunology 2018
A new regulator RsdA mediating fungal secondary metabolism has a detrimental impact on asexual development in Pestalotiopsis fici Environ Microbiol 2018
A novel alkaline protease from alkaliphilic Idiomarina sp C9-1 with potential application for eco-friendly enzymatic dehairing in the leather industry Scientific Reports 2018
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mce3C promotes mycobacteria entry into macrophages through activation of beta2 integrin-mediated signalling pathway Cell Microbiol 2018
Enhancing the production of cephalosporin C through modulating the autophagic process of Acremonium chrysogenum Microb Cell Fact 2018
CMV2b-Dependent Regulation of Host Defense Pathways in the Context of Viral Infection Viruses 2018
Two new species of Geejayessia (Hypocreales) from Asia as evidenced by morphology and multi-gene analyses Mycokeys 2018
Recent advances and future trends of riboswitches: attractive regulatory tools World J Microbiol Biotechnol 2018
The complete mitochondrial genome of the bambusicolous fungus Fusarium bambusae (Nectriaceae, Ascomycota) Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources 2018
gcMeta: a Global Catalogue of Metagenomics platform to support the archiving, standardization and analysis of microbiome data Nucleic acids research 2018
Limited Cross-Linking of 4-1BB by 4-1BB Ligand and the Agonist Monoclonal Antibody Utomilumab Cell reports 2018
Identification of a butenolide signaling system that regulates nikkomycin biosynthesis in Streptomyces The Journal of biological chemistry 2018
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