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Harnessing microfluidic streak plate technique to investigate the gut microbiome of Reticulitermes chinensis MicrobiologyOpen 8 2019
The advance of assembly of exopolysaccharide Psl biosynthesis machinery in Pseudomonas aeruginosa MicrobiologyOpen 2019
Late Quaternary climate change explains soil fungal community composition rather than fungal richness in forest ecosystems Ecology and evolution 9 2019
A new leaf blight disease of turfgrasses caused by Microdochium poae Mycologia 2019
Offspring analysis using two cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS) markers reveals amphithallism in the edible mushroom Agaricus sinodeliciosus Mycologia 2019
A three-locus phylogeny of Gyromitra (Discinaceae, Pezizales) and discovery of two cryptic species Mycologia 2019
Myrothecium-like new species from turfgrasses and associated rhizosphere MycoKeys 2019
Reinstatement of the corticioid genus Leifia (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) with a new species L.brevispora from Hubei, Central China MycoKeys 2019
The genera Rugonectria and Thelonectria (Hypocreales, Nectriaceae) in China MycoKeys 2019
Three new species of Dicephalospora from China as revealed by morphological and molecular evidences MycoKeys 2019
The association between tuberculin skin test result and active tuberculosis risk of college students in Beijing, China: a retrospective cohort study BMC infectious diseases 2019
Production of d-glucuronic acid from myo-inositol using Escherichia coli whole-cell biocatalyst overexpressing a novel myo-inositol oxygenase from Thermothelomyces thermophile Enzyme and microbial technology 2019
The disruption of verM activates the production of gliocladiosin A and B in Clonostachys rogersoniana Organic & biomolecular chemistry 2019
Deregulation of phytoene-beta-carotene synthase results in derepression of astaxanthin synthesis at high glucose concentration in Phaffia rhodozyma astaxanthin-overproducing strain MK19 BMC microbiology 2019
Phytochrome-interacting factor-like protein OsPIL15 integrates light and gravitropism to regulate tiller angle in rice Planta 2019
Molecular basis for feedback inhibition of tyrosine-regulated 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate-7-phosphate synthase from Escherichia coli Journal of structural biology 2019
The ligand-binding domain of a chemoreceptor from Comamonas testosteroni has a previously unknown homotrimeric structure Molecular microbiology 2019
The carbon catabolite repressor CcpA mediates optimal competence development in Streptococcus oligofermentans through post-transcriptional regulation Molecular microbiology 2019
Two transcription factors cooperatively regulate DHN melanin biosynthesis and development in Pestalotiopsis fici Molecular microbiology 2019
Pichia pastoris as a Versatile Cell Factory for the Production of Industrial Enzymes and Chemicals: Current Status and Future Perspectives Biotechnology journal 2019
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