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Proteomeworks Spot cutter
厂家: 美国 BIORAD企业
状态 良好 对外服务


This instrument is operated though BSAU, BioMedical sciences, D Floor, Medical School, The University of Nottingham. contact John Keyte or Kevin Bailey for details Instrument operation through PDQuest image analysis software.
Uses images analyzed in PDQuest to create a spot cut list and direct instrument operation for gel or Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) cutting.
PDQuest operating software allows multiple cuts from single spots which deposit into a single microtiter plate well.
PDQuest operating software allows the same spot from multiple gels to be cut and deposited (pooled) into the same microtiter plate well.
PDQuest software provides quantitative information for selecting the best gel(s) for spot cutting from replicate sets of gels.
PDQuest software automatically selects spot cuts in order from the least to the highest quantity of protein. PDQuest operating software prepares a spot cut list which can be used to integrate data with the MicroMass mass spectroscopy software.
Drilling (spinning) action of cutting tip during gel or blot excision.
Positive displacement ejection pin ejects the gel into a microtiter plate well.
The cutting tip is optionally set to spin while ejecting PVDF membrane.
Microtube wash wells are built into the cutting platform.
A fixed position camera provides a pixel resolution of 1392 x 1040 of imaging pixels.
The Spot Cutter system has an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.
The Spot Cutter is integrated through PDQuest to three different imaging devices applicable to 2-D gels; the Bio-Rad densitometer, the Fluor-S MultiImager, and the Imager FX.
PDQuest software automatically aligns the gel with the previously acquired image. Corrections for gel distortions (shrinkage, swelling or tears) that may occur during storage are performed automatically. Taken together, the spot cutter can automatically find and excise the desired spots from a 2D gel.


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